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Anna says several spontaneous, well-formed sentences with "when" and "because" and other words

Signs of Anna's neuroplasticity and development continue after a day where there was no noticeable improvement.  She skipped the supplements I gave her Sunday night.  She took them the morning of the next day, Monday, yesterday, and then I gave her another round of supplements yesterday evening late like at 8 or 9pm.  I'm giving her NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), omega 3's, magnesium threonate, a regular multi (usually HSN - hair skin and nails - version), PS (phosphatidyl serine, for neurological support), and pterostilbene (most important because I think it's helping her brain) in lieu of resveratrol which I've run out of at present.

We've been organizing and cleaning for hours the last few days because they were coming in to change our internet service in our building.  We're continuing organizing today already.  We took a break for her to empty the dishes which I kept labeling and organizing our office supplies area. 

Anna yelled back to me:

"After I empty the dishes I'll come keep helping you out because I know you need help."

This is remarkable because:

  • it had normal sentence structure in all regards
  • it included a "when" word, that she has left out of nearly all sentences her whole life, something we've been working on for years
  • it included the "because", something we're working on in the playroom curriculum lately starting a few months ago

This may sound like nothing to people who have normal children, but to those of us who hear nothing but broken english nearly all the time, it's a big change. Hopefully it continues.

After we worked several hours on organizing and labeling the office area and bins, I was asking her for sandwich size zip lock bags.  She said:

Anna:  "I'm very sorry to say this but we don't have any sandwich bags left, so we're out of them."

Such a normal, NORMAL sentence unprompted, including elements I've been working on her with, such as using "so" in sentences, like the "because" as mentioned above, she's just using extra clauses unprompted.  If she spoke like this most of the time it'd be hard to know she ever had autism. 

I'm continuing giving her supplements - she had two doses, again, yesterday after skipping the day before that.  The day after the day she skipped - yesterday - she didn't say or do anything notably new, but today, having had supplements the day prior (yesterday) she's now saying two new thingsI just hope it continues.




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